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Vented Quarter Windows - Mazda MX-5

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Vented quarter window vents are made from clear perspex and come with injection molded circular pop out vent. The vent is secured via the spring tension of the vent itself and can open and swivel.


The vents offer a smooth but impressive level of airflow never before experienced with a window down or the roof off, while noise or buffeting is very minimal.  Care must be taken not to excessively drown the vent while washing the vehicle, while normal rain spray should not be able to enter the cabin.

Sold individually, a quantity of 1 will service one door only. Order a quantity of 2 if you wish to upgrade both the driver and passenger side.

Windows are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia


Keep in mind, installation requires part disassembly of the door to remove and replace the quarter window. Please be prepared to spend an hour or 2 on the process and take your time not to damage any components throughout the process. The vents are quite stiff and it may be hard to fit them into the windows. They flex enough so that they may be installed into the windows and the spring force will get them to pop into place securely. It is recommended to install the vents when they are > 20degC.

Vents are 80mm in diameter. Harsh cleaning products or glass cleaners should not be used on the windows or vents.

These windows are not left/right handed, you may simply install the vent in the orientation desired after the window has been installed into the door.

Take note that there is a security risk with running these window vents as anyone from outside could potentially open the vent whilst the vehicle is parked in a public place.