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Upgraded Mazdaspeed Motor Mount - Mazda MX-5 NA/NB

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The Mazda OEM MAZDASPEED engine/motor mounts are 35% stiffer than the OEM mounts but offer similar levels of comfort to stock. They are great for improving the solid feel of the drive train especially with performance builds. With a high power engine, your stock motor mounts have a hard time keeping the engine from moving around under power.

Factory mounts can crack with age or higher kilometers on them. We recommend changing these as soon as you go bigger power.

Shifting will be easier as the transmission will move less - you'll be less likely to mis-shift. There is a small increase in noise, vibration and harshness - this doesn't bother MOST people.

The price is for ONE mount.

FITMENT: Suits all NA/NB MX-5's 1.6/1.8 engines.