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Megasquirt PnP ECU - Mazda MX-5 NA 1.6

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This is the latest budget PnP ECU to the MX-5 market. Designed in Australia and using the Megasquirt MS2 board, our ECU supports impressive power in a tiny package with many modern functions.


  • Megasquirt MS2 ECU to suit Mazda MX-5 NA6
  • Silicone vacuum hose (4mm ID)
  • Serial tuning cable
  • USB drive with base-map, tuning software, installation instructions.


A summary of features is as follows:

Direct PnP fitment for 1990-1993 1.6 MX-5 for easy install.
2x high impedance injector drivers
2x logic level spark outputs
1x A/C relay output
1x Optional boost/other output
1x Thermofan relay output
1x A/C switch input
1x Clutch switch input
2.5bar onboard MAP sensor
0-5V linear wideband input

Speed density/alpha-n/ITB fuel algorithms
16x16 fuel table
12x12 spark table
12x12 AFR target table
Closed/Open loop idle control
Closed/Open loop boost control with overboost protection
Launch/flat shift control (using OEM clutch switch)

Fitment: Suit's the 1989-1993 Mazda MX-5 NA 1.6 only.