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Brake Master Cylinder Stopper - Mazda MX-5 NA/NB

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Did you know that the entire firewall and master cylinder can flex under hard braking? This flex impacts on brake pedal feel and can impede braking performance, balance or driver confidence. This stainless steel brace by BEAVIS Motorsport bolts to any NA/NB MX-5 to support the brake master cylinder and offer a solid pedal feel in high performance situations.

Wind out the support until it is tight against the master cylinder, then lock it down with the included nut.

NOTE: In most cases, it is NOT compatible with factory strut/shock tower braces. Also, you must have at least 4mm of exposed threads above the nuts on your shock bolts. Some early NA factory strut tops have short studs which will not be suitable, or will need to be replaced to install this brace.

Designed and made in Australia.

FITMENT: Suits all NA/NB MX-5's, right hand drive only.