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Bonnet Hood Gas Struts - Mazda MX-5 ND

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Finally you can open the bonnet without the need for the support rod.

No drilling required, simple bolt in installation!

Key Features:

  • Make lifting your bonnet and working in the engine bay easier.
  • Tidy up the look of your engine bay.
  • Easy bolt on install process, no special tools or drilling necessary.
  • Fits around the Impact-Absorption feature of the bonnet that is fitted on Australian delivered ND MX-5's.
  • Bonnet needs to be lifted about half way up before gas struts will come into effect.
  • The dampers will raise the bonnet slightly higher than the OEM support bar.
  • For weight saving and to tidy up the engine bay the OEM support bar can be removed with just a little wiggle and a firm pull.

Package Includes:

  • Installation manual
  • 2x Gas Dampers
  • Custom Brackets
  • Mounting hardware

FITMENT: Suitable for all ND model MX-5's including RF