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Wideband O2 sensor Plug and Play Spartan 2 - Mazda MX-5

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The Spartan 2 is a purebred Wideband Oxygen Controller for the Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband sensor.

Spartan 2 is equipped with both an analog Linear Output and Simulated Narrowband Output that is compatible with most gauges, ECUs, dataloggers, etc… 
Designed with MegaSquirt in mind, Spartan 2’s Output Sequencer feature provides MegaSquirt with calibration signals to achieve the highest Lambda accuracy possible over the analog Linear Output. Specific detail is available HERE

The included sensor is a Bosch OEM sensor made by Bosch, while the controller, cabling and calibration are built by 14point7 specifically to suit the sensor.

Note: Wiring harnesses are properly covered with automotive OEM manufacturer grade high wear, high temperature tape suitable for engine bay environments.

FITMENT: Suits 1.8L NA/NB cars with the 4-pin O2 sensor


Spartan Features:

Compatible with all fuels

AFR/Lambda range, 0.68[Lambda] to 1.36[Lambda], 10[AFR] to 20[AFR] equivalent for gasoline

0.01 Lambda accuracy without the need for any calibration

Utilizes our patent pending Binary Drive technology; no other system is more digital

Linear Output allows easy interfacing with gauges, fuel management systems, and data-loggers

Linear Output: 0[V] @ 0.68[Lambda] linear to 5[V] @ 1.36[Lambda], 10[AFR] linear to 20[AFR] equivalent for gasoline

Our innovative Output Sequencer feature means our Wideband O2 Controllers to have the most accurate Linear Output on the market. You can be sure that any device connected to the Linear Output will receive the most accurate AFR/Lambda signal possible

The Output Sequencer provides a dual level precision voltage signal to the Linear Output. This allows you to easily check that the AFR/Lambda seen by any device connected to the Linear Output is accurate, and if not, to generate a 2 point calibration to achieve perfect accuracy

MegaSquirt users, check out how to use the Output Sequencer for maximum AFR accuracy here

Simulated Narrowband Output allows you to install a Wideband O2 Sensor in place of your Narrowband O2 sensor

Simulated Narrowband switch point @ 1[Lambda], 14.7[AFR] equivalent for gasoline