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36-2 Tooth Timing Trigger Wheel - Mazda MX-5

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The 36-2 tooth trigger wheel is your answer to more accurate timing information as cam/crank position are the most important sensors interpreted by the ECU.

Uses factory sensors, this bolts in place of the factory four tooth wheel on all NA/NB MX-5 motors - provided they have the OEM NB crank position sensor.

This wheel offers increased crank resolution which means your ignition timing accuracy is greatly improved.
You can run more timing before detonation occurs since the timing isn't scattering.
Your car will start quicker as it takes a lot less time for the ECU to determine what position the engine is currently in.
And an added bonus, the car will still run even if the cam sensor has failed since the 36-2 wheel still allows the ECU to determine the engine position. (however VVT control and sequential fuel will be disabled)

This is not compatible with stock ECU in any way, you must run some form of aftermarket ECU which supports alternative trigger wheel patterns.

FITMENT: Suits all NA/NB MX-5 engines, however note the NA's do not come with a suitable crank position sensor from factory. For NA (89-97) cars regardless of whether or not your car has a sensor for a timing wheel, you must use the NB sensor - the NA sensor won’t work here. If your engine doesn’t already have a sensor, make sure that you have the threaded hole for the sensor. If you don’t, you’ll need to swap to an appropriate oil pump first.

Does not suit aftermarket engine dampers such as the ATI superdamper that do not retain the OEM mounting hub.